Information for new owners
  1. Rottweilers are large breed dogs. They will grow very fast in the first year, but are not full grown until at least
    two years old.  Allow your puppy to eat as much as it wants.  Keep food and water in the same place for
    routine.  It aids in house training your puppy and will also deter food aggression. We currently feed puppies
    Purina One Large Breed Puppy Formula. Allow your family to put their hands in the food bowl while the pup
  2. Discipline any aggressive behavior immediately.  Rottweiler pups are very loyal, very loving, and desire your
    attention, but they can be stubborn, so you must be firm but in a loving way.
  3. Puppies should never be allowed to walk on linoleum or hardwood floors, or climb up and down stairs, it will
    cause hip dysplasia.  This places too much pressure on their growing joints and will hollow out the hips and
    joints at a young age.  All of our adults are over two years old when they begin breeding.  Our adult
    Rottweilers do not have hip dysplasia.  We do not believe in OFA as it only tests the parent and will do
    nothing for your puppy.
  4. Do not expose your puppy to loud noises; (just like in babies) it can cause hearing loss. When bathing your
    puppy do not get water in their ears as it can also cause hearing loss.  Do not get water your puppy's nose
    because it can cause aspiration to the pup's lungs.
  5. If you desire your puppy to be social do not keep your puppy pinned up all the time.  Allow the puppy to
    socialize with people between 8 weeks and 2 years.  It is up to the individual owner how your puppy will
  6. Do not take your puppy to puppy parks, Pet Smart, Pet Co or any other place where your puppy can be
    exposed until the puppy is six months old, due to the fact that you do know if any other animals there have
    had any disease or vaccinations.   
  7. Limit travel with your puppy for six months.  Your puppy is constantly moving while your vehicle is turning
    left, right, forward, and backwards and that can also cause hip dysplasia.
  8. In house training, everyone in the household must be consistent.  Everyone must have the puppy paw scratch
    the door before letting the puppy out.  Use only one door to let the puppy out.  If you forget the puppy paw
    scratch, immediately return back into the house have the puppy paw scratch the door and let the puppy out
    again. Praise puppy with treats and affection when they go potty outside.  If the puppy does go potty in the
    house, show the puppy, and then tell the puppy FIRMLY "No, Bad Puppy", then take the pup to the potty  
    the door, have the puppy paw scratch the door and put the puppy out.  When you bring the puppy back in,
    continue the discipline.  Do not play with the puppy.   Tell the puppy "NO, You are a BAD PUPPY, This will
    hurt their feelings, your rottweiler puppy craves love and approval, when you do this the puppy will
    understand that you are not happy.  The puppy will learn faster because it wants your approval.
  9. AKC does offer health insurance for your puppy free for sixty days.  We do recommend you take advantage
    of this program. We do not offer any warranty because we have no control over what is done to the puppy
    after it leaves our hands.  We breed our animals with the utmost love and care.  If all the previous instructions
    are followed you will have a healthy and happy puppy and a fantastic addition to your family.
  10. Puppy Deposits are non-refundable due to the costs of advertising, feeding, housing, handling and cost
    associated with loss of business due to telling other customers the puppy is no longer available.  All pups
    scheduled to be shipped must be paid for in full by the 7th week due to the extensive and expensive shipping
    requirements.  In the event that you have paid your deposit and there are not enough puppies to fulfil your
    order, your deposit will be transferred to the next available puppy litter.
Thank you very much, we appreciate your business and we care for your rottweiler.
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