We do not breed any of our Rottweilers until they are full grown at the age of 2
years old.  We give fully grown and trained Rottweilers to friends and family
while we maintain all rights and papers.  This ensures that all Rottweilers
receive proper veterinary care and that all dogs are up to date on shots. Which
in turn ensures all dogs and pups are happy and healthy.  We also decide
which dog breed with which dog and how often depending on the advice of
our vet and the dogs health.  Every one of our Rottweilers stay with families in
loving homes and environment, So we will always have puppies But will
never be a PUPPY MILL.  

We currently have Rottweilers located in Ashland, Millersburg, Missouri, as
well as in our personal home.

Our sole purpose is to provide quality security dogs, service dogs and herding
dogs.  We have international Grand Champion Bloodlines, but we do not raise
our prices of our puppies  because, ONLY YOU CAN MAKE YOUR PUPPY A
The Rottweilers shown below are ones we own or co breed with.  We each
maintain at least two but no more than three per family depending on the
number of males and females.  Every litter is born inside one of our homes,
which is the reason that we call Kens kennel a FAMILY.
Kens Kennel Family of