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January 2017
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5 year old son of Gunner
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Blaze earned another first prize
Ribbon at the AKC Show on
January 27, 2019
In the immortal words of Jeff Goldblums character Ian Malcolm from Jurassic Park "Life will find a

We received a call from the family we retired Diva and Bear yesterday morning. "Diva is acting really
strange can you come over and see her?" Sarah dropped what she was doing and headed straight
over. Low and behold Diva, a mama that we were told couldn't have another litter was in labor. She
certainly didn't look as if she was carrying from afar. Sarah brought her over to the house and set
her up in one of our whelping rooms and we now have a singleton. A beautiful baby girl was born
into the world. So much for what we were told. "Life will find a way."

Here are some photo. Im sorry for the poor quality of the photos. It was a little late and we had our
long view lenses in a room where we needed a smaller one.

Please help us welcome "Joy" into the world with a few ❤️❤️❤️❤️'s. What a blessing...
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18 years ago one of the most horrific events in our history occurred. So many lives were lost
and it changed our country forever. Ken's Kennel/Mid West Rottie's is so thankful for those
who have given and continue to give their dedication to help protect and serve our country.
Though many think our country is shambles, we disagree. America's troops and emergency
personnel gives us so many freedoms due to their sacrifices. As many were running for their
lives, it was our first respondent's that ran in....

We are eternally thankful and can never show our gratitude enough. To everyone else, live
each day as if it was 9/12 as we were more united on that day than any other I can recall
during my life time.

God bless you and god bless America.
Never forget 9/11